Our Terms & Conditions of Services and Refund Policy

Refund Policy:

Only the original client company”s representative who placed the original order of services and provided payment to GP&M  may request cancellation and refund of services paid.

GP&M offers a full refund of any services paid if a Cancellation/Refund request is made and received by 5:00PM (EST), on the same day of the initial transaction provided that no processing work has begun on the client’s behalf with the client company’s participation. Client must speak to an authorized accounting staff member or management. Voice mail requests will not be accepted. If the client requests to cancel after that period but by 5:00PM (EST) within 2 business days from date of original transaction and payment provided for our Services (Full Refund Period), client may still receive a refund, less a minimum processing fee of $US 50.00 for minor items up to 10% of the amount paid whichever is greater. This may include any credit card processing fees, postage, and any other hard costs. If the request for refund is made after the Full Refund Period (within 2 business days), client may be subject to a cancellation fee to cover costs associated with the registration service or any other services completed and/or activated. Cancellation requests after 2 business days may be issued under GP&M’s sole discretion. If client submits documentation to GP&M for cancellation within the Full Refund Period, client still may be subject to a cancellation fee. The cancellation fee may be up to the full cost of the service fee, depending on the amount of work performed, resources allocated and other associated costs. By submitting payment to GP&M, you, client company’s authorized representative, hereby agree to be bound by this refund policy, in addition to the Terms & Conditions contained in any agreement / contract for services signed.

All refund requests after the same day cancellation period has elapsed must be made in writing (email strongly preferred). Refund requests must be submitted by one of the following methods: 1) Email to refunds@gpm-as.com 2) Postal mail to “GP&M” Government Procurement & Marketing, 11350 66th Street, Ste. 110., Largo, Fla. 33773 3) Fax to (727) 697-8106. Email/Fax time stamp or U.S.P.S. postmark must be within Full Refund Period to receive a full refund. Refund requests by phone during normal business hours of Monday – Thursday 9:00AM – 5:00PM (EST) may be accepted provided the request is given to an accounting staff member within the time allowed per policy. Refund requests made by leaving a message on any GP&M voicemail will NOT be accepted

GP&M reserves the sole and exclusive right to choose the refund method, which may take the form of a bank-issued check, money order or an electronic refund back to the  credit card used for the initial transaction.

If, after payment by credit/debit card and the expiration of the Full Refund Period client later disputes the charge(s), unless prohibited by law, client company agrees to reimburse firm for any services completed or activated including any fees and costs collecting same from client company.

If client files a charge back request with their credit card issuer, and it is later determined that the charge was properly authorized, client agrees to pay all out-of-pocket fees, expenses and costs incurred by GP&M as a result of the improper cancellation, revocation, charge-back, or dispute. If a charge-back is initiated, client also may lose the right to any refund, full or partial, due to the efforts expended on our behalf, including processing and responding to the charge-back request. Moreover, GP&M reserves the right to seek “civil damages and attorney’s fees” and/or to report any fraudulent activity as warranted as well as pursue legally any false malicious claims or reports by client .

Full Refund Period is defined as any Refund/Cancellation request made by 5:00PM (EST) on the same day that the order was placed with GP&M by client or client’s representative and was not a “Live Transfer”.

There are absolutely NO refunds permitted for “Live Transfers” to handle SAM related emergencies on behalf of client. A live transfer is where client places an order for SAM related services and is transferred to the Processing Department on the same day to begin processing their file. Once GP&M’s services have commenced, services are considered rendered and there will be no refunds. Any charge-backs or disputes after services have begun will be considered unauthorized and may result in appropriate legal action & fees.

“All calls” to and from GP&M are recorded and retained for quality control and training purposes for up to 3 years. The original call when the order for GP&M’s services was placed or online order was verified on the client’s behalf and subsequent authorization for payment was provided, GP&M has recorded and will be retained for up to 3 years.

GP&M is the largest Licensed, Bonded & Insured private third party processor for all government vendor registrations and marketing in the United States. GP&M is not a government agency nor is it affiliated with any government entity.


  • The providing of access to any unlicensed user with client’s portal login and password for the purposes of accessing the portal by the unlicensed user constitutes a material breach of this individual licensing agreement by client and portal access services will be subjected to immediately termination. In the event of this material breach all payments/fees for this agreement will become immediately due and nonrefundable.
  • All cancellations made after 24 hours but before email services begin are subject to a 50% cancellation and processing fee for initial email alert set up costs. No refunds are available for the Electronic Portal System or Email Alerts services after email services set up is completed, activated and begin.

For all services including GSA/VA processing ordered by client company,  client agrees to promptly provide the Firm and or its agents with all data and information required or necessary for the above listed service. Client acknowledges that the Firm is a third-party company and not part of any government agency. This agreement can be cancelled by client within 24 hours by client provided no service have commenced by firm on clients behalf.  There are no oral agreements, understandings or representations made by either party that are outside of this agreement unless they are in writing and signed by both parties. The undersigned does hereby agree to above terms and conditions set forth above. If payment is to be made by major credit card, this is an express authorization by the client making the purchase that they have authority and permission to execute the purchases of services or sign applicable contract/agreement and bind the client company to the fees and terms contained herein and for the charges stated and agreed to by the authorized action by client company’s representative.

Futhermore, GP&M reserves the sole right at any time, without penalty to GP&M, to cancel any services ordered or outline in any agreements between GP&M and client by refunding 100% of any collected payments to client. Client agrees to this paragraph explicitly and once said services are terminated and full refund is issued to client, client and specific representative of client company will both be deemed liable for damages based on any negative pursuits by client company or clients representative(s) or by 3rd party on behalf of client company or representatives in relation to this action by GP&M.

Client agrees to pay 1.5% monthly fee for any outstanding payments due to firm for services ordered by client. Client also agrees to pay any additional costs associated and incurred by firm  with respect to collection of overdue payments owed to firm including but not limited to original balance due, accrued interest penalties, court fess and attorney fees,

This web page represents a legal document and is the Refund Policy for GP&M (Government Procurement & Marketing).  Client by engaging GP&M’s services agrees to the notices and policies contained herein in addition to terms listed on all GP&M agreements. This policy was last updated on May  1, 2015

Content Copyright 2016. "GP&M" Government Procurement & Marketing, Inc. All rights reserved. GP&M is not a government agency.The fees charged by GP&M are for specific services provided and not for the forms which are provided for free by the Government for self registration.GP&M is one of the largest third party Federal SAM registration firms in the world. We also offer various other registration services that include international CAGE Code Numbers (NCAGE), and WAWF Registration and Invoicing (Wide-Area Work Flow). GP&M has become one of the most trusted SAM Registration companies in the industry.
GP&M is the only 3rd party registration firm that is fully Licensed, Bonded, and Insured.