Premier Government Readiness Program


Did you know that less than 10% of ALL small business purchases placed by procurement officers of less than $250,000 make it to step 8 where they are finally posted on FedBizOpps? Where are the other 90% getting awarded?

Step 1

Government agency need arises and contract award process to fill that need begins. As soon as the decision to procure is made in step one and that contract is issued a solicitation number and is then ready to proceed to step 2 in the process, you will have and email notification of that order opportunity the next morning.

Step 2 - Micro-Purchase

Micro-Purchases are any purchase for $10,000 or less can be made with a credit card immediately without bids. Micro-Purchases have to be awarded to Certified Small Business Government Vendors if qualified to fill the order and your DSBS profile is complete and Capability Statement is ready. If the Procurement Officer can’t find you or another SBA government vendor ready to be awarded and fill that contract they can issue the award to any sized business. If you are ready and proactive, the procurement officer will see that, your chances of landing this order are astronomical.

Step 3 - S.A.P.

(S.A.P.) Simplified Acquisition Process is for orders of $10,000 – $250,000 and the procurement officer only has to find 2 small businesses qualified to submit a bid. Certified SBA Government Vendors have first look at theses orders. If timed right, you would only have 1 other competitor for this order. Please click here for a link to the OMB Memo M-18-18.

Now, you can spend your valuable time by having full access to the complete open solicitation details and contact information, this allows you to just focus on responding to those current open opportunities and being fully prepared to submit your bid LONG before that opportunity is posted on FEDBIZOPPS.

Enrolling with our annual P.G.R.P. will maximize your ability to secure bids/opportunities when they present themselves. These are the minimum requirements that Procurement Officers look for when trying to fill any solicitations for your goods or services.

Whether the procurement officer is searching and finds you or you call them based on the email notification we supplied for that solicitation, the steps will be the same. But the real bonus is the notifications of solicitations that are available before they hit FBO and local bid networks, giving you a substantial advantage over your competitors.

DSBS Profile

Is your DSBS (Dynamic Small Business Search) profile complete? This is the starting point for any procurement officer to go and search for approved small business vendors of a specific NAICS Code.

SAM Registration

After reviewing your information on the DSBS profile and deciding it was competently completed, then they will then go to your SAM registration and make sure that is up to date. This is to ensure you are eligible for payment

Capability Statement

After the buyer is satisfied that you have completed the first 2 steps professionally, then they will contact you and advise that they are considering using you for that solicitation and you must be ready for the request for you send over your Capability Statement (your 1-page company resume)

If any of those 3 initial steps fail, you have just lost that opportunity, they are moving on.

With GP&M’s “Premier Government Readiness Program” you will qualify to participate in the Micro-Purchase and S.A.P. stages of the procurement process.  You will receive daily notifications with the local, city, state, U.S. Military and Federal solicitations to your inbox each day in a single email. One click allows you access to all the pertinent information needed for you to participate in the specific solicitations you are interested in.

GP&M offers access to more open solicitations than any other single source. We aggregate all solicitations, quotes, and data from the following databases and more: GP&M’s E.P.S. locates many solicitations prior to them showing under standard FBO and local searches.

FBO – Federal Business Opportunities
All States
Department of Defense
All Military Branches & Organizations
All branches of the Federal Government
Over 8,000 cities, municipalities, and counties
DLA DIBBS and other DLA Government opportunities
SBIR (Small Business Innovative Research)
STTR (Small Business Technology Transfer)
NSN (National Stock Number) and other sources
Contracting officers – over 65,000 names and contact information
Sub-contractors – Database of over 900,000 businesses
FPDS – Federal Procurement Database from 2001 to Present
Procurement History – All Services Procurement History to 1963
Federal Logistics Information System/Technical Item Record
DLIS (Defense Logistics Information Service)
FLIS (Federal Logistics Information Service)
Specifications & Standards
DLIS Vendor H4/H8 Visa Search
Vendor H4/H8 Visa Search

This program gives you an advantageous insight and edge to outperform your competitors and win contracts. Our company specializes in streamlining your registration(s), profiles and Government outreach to successfully win more contracts. This way you don’t have to worry yourself with the legwork involved.  We will handle it.

You will never miss an opportunity due to any clerical errors or omissions on any of the required government paperwork.

We will handle all aspects of your SAM, DSBS, Capability Statement, and supply the email notifications for a full year. That means we handle for 1 year any changes or updates needed to any of those documents or profiles. We are just a phone call away.  no need to ever be on hold for hours trying to get assistance from any government agency.

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