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GP&M is one of the largest and most trusted third party Federal SAM Registration firms in the world. It is the only 3rd party registration firm that is fully Licensed, Bonded and Insured.

Our purpose is to seamlessly guide companies through the process of getting them properly registered, set up and marketed to targeted government agencies, effectively enabling them to do more business with the government and sell their products and services.

We would be happy to be of service. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have.

Government Procurement & Marketing
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What our happy customers say

  • “After l completed my SAM registration my company was seeking to expand with government contracts. Once I finish my registration, I was introduced to Tara O’neill who works for GP&M. They have since helped me in achieving my goals with government contracts. I thank them so much; they really work hard for their clients.”

    James Bobo
    Service Solutions Backflow
  • “Dear Dana and Nicole, many thanks to you both for helping us get re-registered. I really appreciate the work you have done on this!”

    Dr. MaryAnne Aitken
    Director | Research Office| La Trobe University
  • “I just wanted to let you know that Dana Sanders is ‘One Outstanding Employee!!!’ Dana went above and beyond to help our College, working with D&B and our Cage Code validation. Again, we owe a lot to Ms. Sanders and really do appreciate all the hard work she put forth…”

    Ryan T Garrison
    Vice President for Finance and Administration, McDowell Technical Community College, NC
  • “Dear GP&M, you are nothing if not persistent. Thank you very much for your interest in my SAM registration status. I send my thanks. I decided to work with GP&M because you thought that a person-to-person call to Mexico may work where other communication attempts had proven unworkable. So, let us get on to business!”

    Mónica Herzig
  • “Hello Alan, it was very nice talking to you and I just wanted to thank you for all of your help with the information I needed. Thanks again and hope you have a wonderful day.”

    Yolanda Baumgartner
    DOE/NNSA Contractor Support - Office of Aquisition Management
  • “I wanted to thank you for assisting us with our SAMs & Dunns update. You were very professional and knowledgeable. Obviously this is something we never have time to do and it is very helpful to have someone like your company that knows exactly what we need and can provide us with the information to get everything correct. You were very pleasant and notified us of all the information that needed to be corrected in a timely manner. We look forward to continue renewing our information with you in the future.”

    Mitchell Norris
    Chesapeake Healthcare Planning, Columbia, MD
  • “I’m very pleased with Kathy from GP&M for all they have done and helped me with. I look forward to doing more business. Thanks.”

    Pete Buchanan
  • “Hi Haddy, you are very professional, well informed, and were extremely helpful in guiding me through the SAM process and an absolute pleasure to work with! BTW: As I was writing you, I received an email informing me that the registration process has been completed.”


    Doug Finley
    North American Product Manager, Westech Industrial Ltd.
  • “Please allow me to recognize one of your employees, Tara Partheymuller, for OUTSTANDING CUSTOMER SERVICE! She helped me renew my SAM registration for my farm. It was not an easy task for me. Tara was very patient with me and took me through the renewal process step by step.  I would have just given up had I not made contact with her in my initial telephone call! I have NEVER had a government employee on the local, state or national level to take the time w/ this “old” guy to help me through this confusing process. She answered all my questions in a professional manner and continued to offer assistance even when I was ready to give up!! If all employees at GP&M are like TARA, then you have an exemplary organization!


    Breeden Blackwell

Content Copyright 2016. "GP&M" Government Procurement & Marketing, Inc. All rights reserved. GP&M is not a government agency.The fees charged by GP&M are for specific services provided and not for the forms which are provided for free by the Government for self registration.GP&M is one of the largest third party Federal SAM registration firms in the world. We also offer various other registration services that include international CAGE Code Numbers (NCAGE), and WAWF Registration and Invoicing (Wide-Area Work Flow). GP&M has become one of the most trusted SAM Registration companies in the industry.
GP&M is the only 3rd party registration firm that is fully Licensed, Bonded, and Insured.